By starting the registration process, you need to fill in the fields marked as mandatory so that you might sign up for the use of the web shop. You need to register only once on the web site when making the first purchase, and then, at each following purchase, you just need to log-in by using your user name and password.
Your data are required by Project – trade d.o.o. so that it might fully and safely implement the process of ordering, payment and delivery of products to your address. At the end of the registration process, you are offered the option of receiving a newsletter about new products, discounts, prize winning contests and similar.
Choosing to receive the newsletter does not oblige you on any ground and you are entitled at any time to unsubscribe from the list of recipients. Personal data entrusted to us will be carefully stored and used only in business correspondence between the Project – trade d.o.o. employees and you as our customer.

Terms of sale

Orders can be made only by persons over the age of 18. Terms of sale are subject to change without any notice. All confirmed orders shall be delivered according to the terms that were in effect at the time the order was confirmed.

Parity: After an originally packed package is delivered to your address, you are obliged to take over the package by putting the mandatory signature on the delivery note, confirming thereby that the goods have been properly delivered; however, the goods shall remain in our possession until the payment is effected in full. The right shall be exercised within the period and in the manner provided by the law. The invoice shall be sent with the package or by mail later on.

Project – trade d.o.o. reserves the right not to deliver the goods if the orders contain incomplete and/or inaccurate data.

Payment method via the web shop

One-time payment


  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

PBZ Card:

  • American Express
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • American
  • VISA

Erste Card Club:

  • Diners
  • Discover
  • DinaCard
  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Payment slip/Bank transfer
    By making payment with a payment slip, please effect payment to our IBAN: HR6724070001100613518
  • Foreign currency account for payment outside of Croatia:
    Bank name: OTP BANKA d.d.
    Address: Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split
    IBAN: HR6724070001100613518
    Swift: OTPVHR2X

Instalment payment

Our products may be purchased in instalments by using the following credit cards:

  • ZABA: 2 – 24 instalments Mastercard standard, Mastercard gold, Mastercard go!, Mastercard platinum, Visa Business, Visa Avenue Mall cards Zagreb’s bank
    Minimum amount 100,00 kn, and maximum amount 60.000,00 kn.
  • PBZ Card: 2 – 12 instalments  VISA, VISA PREMIUM, MAESTRO and American Express Privredna bank Zagreb
  • Erste Card Club: 2 – 12 instalments VISA i MAESTRO Erste&Steiermarkische bank d.d., Istarska Kreditna Banka Umag d.d., Sberbank d.d., Kent Banka, Agram Banka d.d., Slatinska banka dd.
  • DINERS: 2 – 36 instalments

(If paying via the WSPay, you may choose the number of instalments).


MasterCard50 Visa50 ico-dinners-final


Payment on our website is safe!

As we are operating within the WSPay payment system, you may choose the number of instalments. The WSPay system employs the most sophisticated security technologies and security procedures in accordance with the highest standards. The exchange of confidential data between the online payment system and the authorization centres of credit card companies is provided through a network that is completely protected from unauthorized access. Confidential data related to your credit cards are transmitted directly to the authorization centre.



Statement of conversion

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.


In case you need assistance, please contact us by e-mail at


We shall reply to your inquiry as soon as possible!

Phone support information shall be provided every working day on phone: + 385 (0)1 20 14 544 or + 385 (0)1 2910 900:
Monday-Friday from 8:00  to 16:00,
Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00


Our esteemed customers are offered the delivery service via courier service.
Orders in the Republic of Croatia are delivered within two or three working days.
Goods are packed in such a manner as to avoid any damage during the usual transportation. The customer is required before the handing over of goods to visually inspect the package and report any visible defects or to refuse to accept a damaged package.

Delivery abroad

It is possible to deliver your order abroad, thus please contact us. If you want to buy any of our products, please contact your customs office and inquire about the costs of the customs clearance, freight forwarding and other services, as they might significantly increase the price of the product itself.

Postage charges

Postage charge for order through the web store is paid according to the valid price list of the courier service.

Replacement of goods

The goods may be returned (at one’s own expense) within 14 days of receipt, exclusively in their original packaging to the address of PROJECT-TRADE d.o.o, Dubrava 46, 10040 Zagreb. The replacement of goods does not relate to the goods already being used.
The goods should be accompanied by an original invoice when being replaced.

Platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ORS)

Notifications on the project-trade web shop

PROJECT-TRADE d.o.o. shall daily update and check the data on the company’s websites. However, PROJECT-TRADE d.o.o. does not guarantee a hundred percent accuracy of all information of products and services presented. In some cases, deviations of actual data and information available on the web site may occur. In such cases PROJECT-TRADE d.o.o. undertakes to revise the order and contact the customer personally in order to discuss other possibilities.

In case of any additional questions, please contact us at:
Dubrava 46, 10040 ZAGREB
Phone: + 385 (0)1 2910 900 or + 385 (0)1 20 14 544
Fax: + 385(0)1 2910 907
e-mail:  webshop@project-trade.hr


Terms, deadline and procedure for exercising the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement

1. Unilateral Termination of Agreement Deadline
The agreement may be unilaterally terminated within 14 days without stating any reason.
In order to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement, you are obliged to inform us of your decision to unilaterally terminate the agreement before expiry of the deadline by submitting an unequivocal statement by mail to PROJECT-TRADE d.o.o., Dubrava 46, 10040 Zagreb or by an e-mail to info@project-trade.hr, in which you shall indicate your name and surname, address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address, or by using the attached Unilateral Termination of Agreement Form.
The deadline for unilateral termination of agreement is 14 days from the date of concluding the agreement (issuing the invoice).

The Unilateral Termination of Agreement Form on our web site can be electronically filled out and sent to us. A confirmation of the receipt of the Unilateral Termination of Agreement Notice shall be submitted, without undue delay, by e-mail.

Link for uploading the Unilateral Termination of Agreement Form

2. Refund of the amount paid
If this agreement is unilaterally terminated by you, we shall reimburse you with the amount paid to us, including the costs of delivery, without due delay, and no later than 14 days from the date of receiving your Unilateral Termination of Agreement decision, unless you selected a different type of delivery; however, not the cheapest standard delivery offered by us.
Reimbursement will be made in the same manner in which your payment was made. In case you agree on a different manner of reimbursement of the amount paid, you shall bear no costs related to the reimbursement.
Reimbursement can be made only after the goods are returned to us.

3. Return of the goods
You are considered to have fulfilled your obligation in due time if, before the expiration of the afore mentioned deadline, you send or hand over the goods to us or to the person authorized by us to receive the goods.

4. The cost of returning the goods
The direct costs of returning the goods shall be borne by yourselves.

5. Customer’s responsibility for the goods value impairment
You shall be responsible for any impairment of the goods value resulting from the handling of goods, other than that it was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

6 .Written complaint
All complaints should be submitted in accordance with Article 10 of the Customer Protection Act (Official Gazette 41/2014) by mail, fax or e-mail to:

In order to be able to confirm the receipt of a written complaint in compliance with paragraph 5 of Article 10 of the above Act and to reply to your complaint, we kindly ask you to specify accurate data for the receipt of the above.

According to the law, our reply to your complaint should be submitted in writing not later than 15 days after the complaint has been received. Otherwise, you are instructed to contact the State Inspectorate or the Association for Customer Protection.

By accepting the terms of use, you have accepted the General terms and conditions.

Further, PROJECT-TRADE d.o.o. reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions herein without prior notice. The terms and conditions are in accordance with the Croatian laws.

7. Responsibility for material defects
We assume the responsibility for material defects of products in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Obligations Act.

In order to ensure free disposal of electronic waste generated from products purchased through this online shop (web shop), the customer is instructed to contact an authorized collector of electronic waste in the area of local government units in which he resides.